Unitronics (R”G) Ltd. is an Israeli company with international presence that has been producing PLCs, automation software and accessory devices since 1989.
The very first all-in-one controller — HMI + PLC + onboard I/Os — was released by Unitronics nearly 25 years ago. An early pioneer of this market, Unitronics continues to be a global trendsetter in developing and manufacturing all-in-one controllers with a price/performance profile that boosts competitive advantage.

Unitronics supports a global network of distributors with Technosuite as the Nigerian distributor. At Technosuite the entire product range is available with local support and spares.

Programmable Logic Controllers – PLCs

Unitronics’ OPLC controllers combine full-function PLCs and HMI operating panels into single, compact units. These HMI + PLC devices are programmed in a single, user-friendly environment. Our clients save I/O points, wiring, space, and programming time; elements that translate directly into cost-efficiency.


Unitronics has knowledge gained through the company’s decades of experience with diverse projects in automated parking systems, packaging and palletizing, energy production, agriculture, HVAC, food, dairy, chemical, wastewater, boiler industries, plastic extrusion, and other industrial channels.