Storage Depot and Petrol Stations Management System

By August 11, 2015Product, Solutions


This solution is targeted at Petroleum Ministries, Department of Petroleum Resources, oil marketing companies, storage depot owners, petrol station owners and stakeholders at large.

This solution delivers systems for control and data acquisitions to generate accurate and optimal supply and distribution of petroleum products through the value chain of the downstream sector of the oil industry.

With tens of thousands of operational petrol filling stations and scores of storage depots across the country, the dependence of domestic and economic activities on petroleum products all year round creates a very strong value proposition to have accurate data and efficient mechanisms managing the supply and consumption process across board.

Current Position Review

• Storage depots have multiple products storage tanks, range 50,000-1,000,000 litres and more in some cases
• Petrol stations have several tanks for storing petrol and other products all piped to dispensing pumps
• Routine visits are made to each storage tank to ascertain product tank levels
• Inventory manager or staff accompanies and signs off contractors’ supplies or deliveries
• Station owners and managers are at the mercy of personnel who take readings of stock positions in the storage tanks
• Each location has at least 1 diesel powered generating set to supply primary or back up energy to drive pumps and all equipments on site.

Issues With Current Position

• Tank level readings are physically taken
• Tank gauging is manually logged
• Parallax error when viewing the level on the deep stick
• Routine visits to all tanks in every location are compulsory for data acquisition
• Possibilities of complicity in the quantity of products available or supplied
• People factors in terms of human errors and negligence in the carrying out of duties and routines

Our Competence

To deliver automated systems to provide

• Dashboard at a glance on or off site
• Real time tank level measurements to control centre
• Real time tank level measurements to Station managers and supervisors
• Real time tank level measurements to supplier
• Precise and accurate volumes of product supplies real time
• Local and remote monitoring of operations
• Increase in efficiencies of station managers and supervisors
• Control of pumps and flow rate and metering of products
• 95 percent elimination of human elements in the entire process of data acquisition and logging

Key Benefits

• Lower operating cost
• Accuracy of operations
• Increased productivity
• Continuous improvement
• Increased business agility
• Elimination of complicity
• Scalable open architecture to integrate other parameters

For best practice, corporate governance, accountability and the peculiarity of our environment in the distribution of petroleum products from bulk distribution to the retail stations and to end users, it is an integral business need to secure the enormous investments through accurate dispensing at each point of the value chain which is vital for sustainable growth.

This is the key driver of this solution which has great potential on an open architectural platform to provide scalable solutions for security and remote management of storage depots and petrol stations.

Indeed the solution is ready for integration into contemporary payment systems to allow for self service and the new world payment ecosystem.