Our deployments enable 24 hours control and surveillance of designated centres to deter intruders and manage operations thereby creating a platform for alerts in emergencies and permanent record of events.


This is an age long industry standard for 24 hour video monitoring of critical facilities for visual recording and confirmation of unauthorized activities to maintain an all the time surveillance and safety in and around the sites.
Our technically skilled personnel deliver good value using the best hardware within reasonable budgets for residential and commercial/industrial facilities.

Key benefits include;

  • Enables 24 hour monitoring of designated centres.
  • Detects intruders in industrial and commercial break in.
  • Replaces or reduces manned guards.
  • Supplements manned guarding making them more efficient.
  • Provides visual confirmation of intruders activating an alarm.
  • Monitors remote unattended sites.
  • Health and safety of individuals on the premises or site

In general terms the list of usability is endless.


We deliver digital storage solutions to provide a management platform for visual images from cameras across multiple locations according to your needs for audio/visual surveillance and administration in live and recorded scenarios. The IP based technology is delivered with our unique competence and capacity.

Motion detection/Intrusion detection

Recognising vulnerability of commonly used detectors, we have carefully surveyed and researched the technology market to identify products with combination technologies of PIR, microwave, anti masking and waterproof sensors for highly reliable movement detectors.
Your security needs in intrusion and movement detection are enhanced by our abilities to handle masking with spray paint or stickers.

Access control

Our access control architecture is based on our clienteles’ current and future needs to meet stringent requirements and business rules. Every business needs a safe and controlled environment. We deploy Time and attendance systems – based on access control principles to drive productivity of employees in operations that are dependent on physical presence of personnel in service or production companies.

Fire and smoke detection

There are 2 main types of smoke and fire detectors, photoelectric and ionisation detectors.
Photoelectric detectors look for the presence of visible by-products of combustion while ionisation detectors work on a different principle by responding to invincible by-products of combustion.
Our extensive research and expertise positions us to deliver the best combinations depending on property and industry grouping.

Control and Monitoring Centre

Our Control and Monitoring Centre is a turnkey central management system integrating multiple components of building management systems and security. The system is designed to control and monitor remote locations by leveraging on best communication infrastructure to integrate security components such as access controls, intrusion detectors, CCTV, digital video recorders, perimeter security, programmable logic controllers (PLC), SCADA systems and building management systems. This centralized system affects the bottom line by greatly reducing personnel cost and increasing productivity.