We are trailblazers in the design and deployment of medical systems and equipment for hospitals, clinics and health sector facilities in general.

Medical Gas Infrastructure

Central distribution of medical gases within a health facility requires a needs assessment to determine the cost benefit of a distribution infrastructure for Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous, medical air and vacuum for procedures that require suction and pressurized air. The ultimate objective of improving cost efficiency of healthcare providers and quality of health care to patients are motivations that we help to deliver.

Oxygen Generator

A central Oxygen generator turns a hospital into a self-sustaining oxygen producer that does not rely on third parties for Oxygen supply of its requirements. Our deployment is based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, a cost effective method of producing high purity oxygen. Connecting generated Oxygen to a central piping system makes it easy to distribute the produced oxygen directly to bed sides via bed head units for use by patients.

Medical Equipment and Furniture

Ranging from patient monitors, foetal monitors, electrocardiograph, ultra-sound, anaesthesia machine, infusion pump, dental chairs, examination beds, x-ray, diagnostic equipment across medical fields of gynaecology, ophthalmology, surgery, anaesthetics, medicine – health care in general.