Good understanding of measurements, instrumentation and control and impact on manufacturing, industries, packaging, power protection, energy distribution and efficiency are in our DNA.


With the mission to leverage cutting edge technologies to impact on the way businesses are done, we have built capacity to deliver automated systems to our clients to reduce people factors and human intervention, production cost and productivity enhancement in process management, control systems and data acquisition in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, building management systems and other industrial sectors where automated systems are important.

PLC Programming

Most automated platforms, process management, control and data acquisition systems and plants globally are integrated and driven by programmable logic controllers (PLC) manufactured by top rated R & D technology companies using first class innovations and standards. Leveraging software design for the controllers and PLC programming provide solutions to tasks required to accomplish projects. Designing and commissioning according to requirements – This is our strong area of making our customers happy.

Control Panels

The functionality and software capabilities are only as good as the quality of the control panel powering your system. The block and schematic details, standards and quality of components determine the long term implication of your project. At Technosuite we pay attention to these by delivering full design, build, installation and commissioning of complete control systems.