Power Management and Control System

By August 24, 2015Automation

This solution is a power scalable solution combined with control and data acquisition system to gather information from public power, inverter batteries, generators and tanks.

This is a power solution with remote monitoring systems to optimise power management, diesel consumption, generators and inverter usage and management.

The power solution is made up of the following components:

  • Public power source
  • 20KVa Inverter
  • 200AH Battery bank (20 or 40 battery option)
  • Solar panels / trays
  • Hybrid charge controller + energy booster
  • 20KVa diesel generator

The control system is made up of the following components:

  • Unitronics Vision 130 – a programmable logic controller which is the nucleus of the system
  • Pressure sensors for tank level
  • Pressure sensors for generator engine pressure
  • Multi meters plus current transmission (CT) on generators
  • Temperature sensors for generator water temperature
  • Flow meters enabled for remote monitoring on fuel pipelines to and from tanks, generators and compressor
  • Automatic change over switch
  • Voltmeters on inverter battery bank
  • Central servers at head office with a display monitor (computer + screen to be provided by the client)

Schema of Technosuite Power Solution




Level 1: Primary power source – Public power

Level 2: Secondary power source – Solar

Level 3: Tertiary power source – Diesel generator

Level 1 supplies power to the load and charges the battery bank. In the event of power outage, the battery bank kicks in to supply power to the load. Level 2 (solar power) through the hybrid controller kicks in to supply charge to the battery bank. In the event that the battery bank reaches a critical level when it receives inadequate charge from the solar power, Level 3 kicks in to supply power to the load through the inverter and also charges the battery bank.


Schema of Technosuite Power Management System


This diagram shows the combined scenario of integrating a HMI typed programmable logic controller (PLC) in a location to various subsystems. The PLC is connected via the branch local area network (LAN) to the bank’s wide area network (WAN) to head office for real time remote monitoring and control. Workstations and handheld devices such as PDAs and cellular phones are also indicated as remote users.

Key benefits

  • Lower operating cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Continuous improvement
  • Increased business agility
  • Elimination of complicity
  • Elimination of power downtime
  • Scalable open architecture to integrate other parameters

The Technosuite Power Solution and Management System is a best in class backup power mechanism which is an integral business need to ensure that enormous investments at business locations deliver value for sustainable growth.