Mobile Tanker Content Monitoring System

By August 11, 2015Solutions

Mobile Tanker Content Monitoring System

This solution delivers mobile tanker monitoring systems to guaranty accurate product haulage from depots to filling stations and other destinations by tankers.

With tens of thousands of haulage tankers deployed by the oil marketing companies and a bigger number by haulage and transport companies, movement of petroleum products across the country have significant implications for any economy. The need to have accurate data of content and efficient mechanisms managing the supply, loading and discharging of petroleum products is imperative.

Current Position Review

  • Each petroleum tanker has at least 3 compartments
  • Each compartment has capacity in the range of 11,000 – 15,000 litres
  • Tracking company deploys vehicle tracking for trucks as contractors to oil marketing companies
  • Tracking  devices are installed on trucks to ascertain the movement
  • Trucking company staff accompanies and signs off contractors’ supplies

Issues With Current Position

  • Tank compartment level readings are physically taken
  • Tank gauging is manually logged / recorded
  • Climbing on to the top of tankers are compulsory for data acquisition
  • Possibilities of complicity in the quantity of product loaded
  • Possibilities of complicity during the movement from depot to destination

Our Competence

To deliver automated systems to provide

  • Real time tank level measurements to control centre
  • Real time tank level measurements to distribution managers and tanker owners
  • Real time tank level measurements to supplier
  • Precise and accurate volumes of petroleum products supplies real time
  • Centralised data logging from tankers for on the spot and real time management evaluation
  • Increase in efficiencies of logistics managers and supervisors
  • Save cost in the assurance of product quantities loaded and supplied
  • Elimination of human elements in the entire process of data acquisition and logging

Schematic Illustration


This diagram shows the on board control panel integrating a HMI typed programmable logic controller (PLC) on a tanker to submersible pressure transducers in each compartment of the tanker. The PLC is connected via a GSM/GPRS module to the control centre for real time remote monitoring and control. This enables SMS of status alerts to designated cell phones.

Key Benefits

  • Lower operating cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Continuous improvement
  • Increased business agility
  • Elimination of complicity
  • Scalable open architecture to integrate other parameters and number of tankers

The frequency of incidents in our environment during the haulage of petroleum products from depots to filling stations and other destinations and an integral business need to secure the enormous investments en route those locations for sustainability is the key driver of this solution which has great potential on a scalable platform for asset protection and management.