A VSAT Company

Case: the company had been in operation for a few years and had a growing customer base, especially in the banking industry. As the clientele base increased so was the service level requirement of the clients. The company was on a satellite which provided C band that did not meet the quality of service of the mission critical VSAT company.

Technosuite structured C band space segment from Amos 5 on a transponder with excellent QoS and worked with the VSAT company to deploy the required 4.5m antenna as well as migrating / pointing hundreds of antennas of remote sites to the new satellite which has strong footprint across Africa with minimum interference and rain fade.

A Bank

Case: the bank has over 300 branches across the country with a critical need to have power all week round to ensure that all its banking channels are available to provide service to its clients. To ensure this, each branch equipped with at least 1 diesel generator and 1 diesel tank for storage to guaranteeĀ business continuity. Managing diesel supply and generator health status and readiness to provide backup power was therefore imperative.


Technosuite delivered a Diesel tank and Generator monitoring system across over 40 branches with roll out plan bank wide. The solution provides a Dashboard (screen) at central facility managerā€™s office giving overview of the available level of diesel and working condition of the generators across the bank at a glance. Automated alerts for reorder by email and schedule alerts for maintenance service and faults warning guarantees uptime and diesel is always available with checks on complicity of supplies by vendors. The system also increases the life span of the generators.